Monday, February 11, 2013

Insanity: Week Six

Ah, finally! The end of week six! This week was brutal!

Of course, it didn't help that I was sick for the first three or four days. The workouts were longer and harder. And hard on your knees! Be careful!

This last week started with the fit test. I was sick during this so I started strong but feeling like crap really started to tell on me towards the end. Here are my results from three weeks ago and this last week.

                      Start of Week Three      Start of Week Six
Switch Kicks:               53                            63
Power Jacks:                30                            34
Power Knees:               57                            64
Power Jumps:              20                            22
Globe Jumps:                6                              7
Suicide Jumps:              8                              8
Push-up Jacks:             10                            12
Plank Obliques:           22                            30

Not bad considering I was sick. Next time will be better. If you want to see what the workouts for the fit test are, see Insanity: Week Three.

There is one video in this set where Shaun T. must have been in a bad mood. He yelled a lot. But not motivating yelling, angry yelling. At which point quiet little Krissy called Shaun T. an asshole. Another funny instance came up on recovery day when Shaun T. was wearing tight, legging-type pants and Krissy commented, "That's a whole lot more of Shaun T. than we've seen before..." Lots of laughs.

On to other results. No changes in measurements and weight from last week. However, there is a lot more arm stuff for the last month so as of now I am adding shoulder and arm measurements to my list. I will keep you posted!

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