Friday, February 8, 2013

Blog Make-over!

Welcome to my new, official blog layout. A lot of things are changing around here. Want to know why? It's all Wyatt Kane's fault. Yep. He is a video blogger and friend of mine and he wants me to be super involved in social media. Here is his video blog account: Wyatt Kane.

I now have a domain name: (that will re-direct you here). Wyatt did a lot of things to set this up for me, almost none of which I understood. Then we got my blogger account linked to a bunch of other Google resources to track my audiences. Google is great and they provide so many tools. I am hooked up to Google Analyst and Google Webmaster Tools. He basically designed my background for me (I did find the original picture at least...) and he is going to make me a banner. I have to pose for pictures for this... Basically, we did a ton of things that made my head explode.

But here is the new look! If I am lucky, I will start to get more people visiting and following me. And maybe, just maybe, I will make a little money at this. I am not sure that I am a good enough blogger for that, but we will find out! Mostly I am excited to eventually be able to get a press pass at Nan Desu Kan (the local anime convention) to post about the events. I know that is a lame, nerdy thing to be excited about, but I hope that will happen by NDK 2014!

The banner will be up sometime within the next week or two. If you like all the new stuff, it's all thanks to Wyatt. But sometimes all the stuff I have to do and keep track of makes me hate him... in a loving way, of course.

Thanks Wyatt! Enjoy all!

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