Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Valentine's Day...

AKA: Singles' Awareness Day. That's what we always called it.
I sort of hate Valentines Day but I am torn because I always love excuses to show Isaac that I love him. Don't get me wrong, I show him on other days, too, not just on holidays.

Usually Isaac and I get each other funny/stupid Valentine's Day stuff. I usually get him some awful V-day boxers, but I failed on that this year. I got him a silly card (its a little racy too), so that's fun. And he usually gets me chocolate. Stereotypical, yes, but I LOVE chocolate.

Last night Isaac did ask me if I wanted to do something for V-day, which was sweet. I know he's not a huge fan of V-day but he was willing to do something anyway. I told him the truth-I like knowing that he loves me but that V-day is stupid. I prefer knowing that he loves me all the time, not just one day. And he told me he loves me everyday. Sweet right? I got a good guy.

Otherwise I hate all the commercialization and expectations. I don't see why it matters. I would much rather be with someone who shows me that he loves me on random days, not one who "shows" me on one specific day of the year. That makes it not at all special. iamevilcupcake (see her blog here: iamevilcupcake: Screw You Valentines Day) tweeted: "Ah Valentines's Day. The day when men get high praise for doing something they should really be doing the other 364 days a year." I agree with that completely.

So all you couples out enjoying your high-priced celebrations of "love," enjoy. I hope you get that more than once per year. I will actually be spending my evening tutoring a student and working out with my girl friends. And this weekend? My girl friends and I are going to have a 50s-style dress up fondue night! That's what we like to do for Valentine's day! Girls night! Yes! So excited. I will share more of that later.

Happy Valentine's Day (I guess?). And Isaac: I always love you. Everyday know that I love you.


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