Monday, February 25, 2013

Insanity Update

First of all, this week began with the fit test. I am sad to say that I progressed a little in a few exercises, stayed the same in a couple, and did one fewer in the last two. My measurements have not changed, either.

I'm sure you will all think we are crazy, but we decided to start Insanity over again.

Yes, you heard right.

If you read my last Insanity post, you know that we hated the last month's videos and our motivation was dropping.

We thought that, by starting over, we would continue to make progress. Then we have the chance to get strong enough to actually do the last month. That is our reasoning. I will continue to track our progress and give occasional updates.

So no, we have not quit, we are just... re-doubling our efforts.

And Isaac is joining us! Join the suffering! Yay!

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