Saturday, February 16, 2013

Video Bloggers

Have you met a video blogger? They're crazy. Just nuts. And a couple of them happen to be friends of mine.

You know what happens when you have video blogging friends right? Right. They rope you into being in videos. Oh yes.

So Wyatt Kane (again, here is his YouTube channel: Wyatt Kane) roped me into a video once. I will not be posting a link to that one, sorry. Our other friends appear in a few of his videos, too.

Generally, I hate being in front of a camera so it is not so pleasant for me. I especially hate the sound of my voice so you can imagine how little I want to be involved in such things.

Then Wyatt's friend, Sean Caspian (here is his video blog link: Sean Caspian) started video blogging with the aid and influence of Wyatt (oh good, another convert/project for Wyatt!). He requested, not only Wyatt's help for a video, but the help of me and some of our other friends. This is what happened: Harlem Shake (Russian Meteor Katamari Version). Go to the link and watch it, it's short.

I think it's funny and silly actually. Best part? We didn't have to show our faces! However, if you've followed my blog, surely you recognize my Katamari costume. Also, I was excited to wear said costume again-they were a lot of work!

So there you have it: video bloggers are crazy. But always entertaining to have around. Thanks Wyatt and Sean!

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