Monday, February 18, 2013

Insanity: Week Seven

I am sad to inform anyone who reads this that my work out buddies and I slacked a bit this week. I slacked more than the others I think.

I had two tutoring sessions this last week (my first sessions!) and we studying until it was too late for me to join the workouts. And yesterday we were supposed to do two videos but we only did one. And the shorter one at that. I did, however, make up for one today, so that's good news!

We've all been struggling with these latest videos. They are longer and harder. My biggest complaint is how hard they are on my already bad knees and neck. I find that I have to be extra careful, alter, or skip entire exercises because it aggravates my neck or knees too much. My knees have been feeling better though which is great. My neck has issues that are not related to Insanity, but there are a lot of movements with arms and shoulders that always irritate it and there happen to be lots more arms in these workouts. Hence the added neck pain.

Despite our slacking, we are still noticing progress. Awesome. Clothes are getting loose, we are slimming down and getting toned. We definitely see it in each other. Also, I can actually do push-ups now. When I started I think I could do one, maybe two good ones at a time.

The only solid measurements I have to report are another half inch off my waist and a half inch off my butt. I lost some in my bust, which is sad because I have very, very little there to lose. And BTW, it is difficult to find even smaller bras then I was buying before. I'm less than a real size. Less than half a real size. Sad day. However, I am generally feeling better about myself and my appearance. I hope I get some kick-ass abs soon. We think we will do Shaun T.'s Hip Hop Abs next. It will be entertaining at least.

So that is that! Only two weeks left! I, personally, want to repeat month one, just for fun. Yes, fun. I liked month one.

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