Friday, February 8, 2013

Making Cake Pops!

For my birthday my friend, Lydia, got me this little cake pop/donut hole maker! I was so excited because I've found so many things I want to try involving cake pops!

For experimenting I wasn't up to making my own batter so I used a mix. I made my first batch of cake pops which turned out like so:

All because I didn't read directions well enough, but according to the maker instructions, the first batch should be discarded anyway. I also filled these half way (all the way up on the bottom half). For the second batch I did a little less than half full. They turned out like this:

Third batch! A little better and some were more round. I wonder if they do need to be closer to half full?

For this event, I bought a little cake pop decorating kit. It contained sticks (which I promptly broke in half because they were stupidly long), sprinkles and different candy melts. I melted some of the melts and dipped the sticks in before inserting them in the cake pops. This is supposed to help them stay attached.

Then I chilled them for a while.

Instead of frosting I used candy melts to coat them.

Then I decorated them! And I found these cute eyeball sprinkles that I just had to use!

And then I chilled them for a little longer so that the candy melts set. Here are the results! (Also, I didn't know what else to do with them other than lay them down on the cookie sheet... I will look into that...)

And to top everything off: they were delicious! :) I am so excited to experiment more with cake pops!

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