About the Author

My name is Samara. If I told you my full name, you couldn't pronounce it anyway. Actually, most people can't pronounce "Samara," so I won't overwhelm anyone.

I am in my thirties. I have my Bachelors degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and a Biotechnology certification. I have my Masters in Microbiology which I was using to work as a barista at Starbucks. After being a barista for nearly 9 years, I left to work as a receptionist at a local automotive shop. I still love coffee, but learning about cars was fun and useful!

Recently, I got a position at a lab that does veterinary diagnostic testing, which is awesome! I finally get a chance to use some of my knowledge!

I am also a private tutor in various subjects, which I enjoy.

I was born and raised in Colorado. I've never lived anywhere else.

I have a very large circle of friends who are all very important to me and who I am always thankful for. I live with a roommate and my adorable rats. I love animals and get very attached to my pets. Rats are super fun!

I love to read more than just about anything else. I love to own books. I own many more books than I have read, but never have a problem finding more to add to my collection. Young adult and young adult fantasy are my go-to genres, but I enjoy many different genres. I love finding new favorites.

And I love David Bowie. I think he was amazing. If I could have seen him in concert and met him, I could probably have died happy. I'm still devastated by his death.

I try to be crafty. I am a scrap-booker, amateur crocheter and sewer, and generally like to make things. I am not a great cook or baker, but I do try to improve my skills.

Please feel free to leave comments here or anywhere on my blog. I love getting comments!


  1. You scrapbook too???? Me too!! Seriously girl, either you move here or I move there, but we need to be friends. Lol.

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  4. I saw your post about the Dinner Detective and I also think they're great. Recently, I went to a mystery dinner and it was fantastic.