Monday, January 21, 2013

Insanity: Week Three

We made it through week three? "How y'all feelin?" As Shaun T. would say.

I should talk about Shaun T. He leads the Insanity work outs. And he always introduces himself as "Shaun T." "Hey this is Shaun T. Welcome to Insanity." In the Pure Cardio video he talks about himself in third person, "Shaun T. is tired." Yeah? So is Samara L. Weird right?

And he always says, "Push it harder! Push it harder!" And "Dig deeper!" And we talk to him. "I can't Shaun T. I'm too tired..." Or, more commonly, "You should just be glad that I'm still moving..."

Here is a video of him yelling at us. He's saying "Let's go!" but that's not really what it sounds like (he doesn't always enunciate very well). Shaun T - Lets Go! Ah, gotta have him yelling at us.

Our endurance continues to increase and we are starting to notice some muscle and toning, yay. Below is a picture of Jhenn's oh-so-awesome legs. Her thighs are getting nice and muscle-y. Apparently she puts on the toned muscle pretty quickly! Jealous.

Jhenn's sexy, sexy legs!
Week three started with the second fit test. The fit test is a series of eight exercises and you have a minute for each to do as many as you can. The exercises include: switch kicks, power jacks, power knees, power jumps, globe jumps, suicide jumps (sounds nice, right? "We're going into suicide jumps. Are you ready?" asks Shaun T.), push-up jacks, and low plank oblique. I know those aren't great descriptions, so here is a picture:

Of course, by the time you get to the end, you are too tired to do much anyway... It is a pretty good measure though. In two weeks I made pretty good progress!

Here is my sheet for the fit tests. That is day one (don't judge) compared with the first day of week three.

And sorry I am a day late on this post.

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