Monday, January 14, 2013

Insanity: Week Two

We made it through the second week of Insanity! Hooray!

Oh the big black X's! We just live to cross off those days!
This last week my body (mostly my legs) have been less sore but more tired, if that makes sense. At least I can walk these days. My body grew accustomed to the work much faster than I thought it would.

We all continue to notice improvements. We start week three with the fit test and I will post about that next week. I'm a little nervous and excited. For me, the warm up is the best measure of my progress so far. I can already do soooo much more of it than I could when I started. Fast results!

At the end of week one I weighed myself. I will probably do this weekly for the sake of curiosity. I don't actually expect to lose much weight. I may actually gain pounds as I replace fat with muscle. Remember all, muscle weighs more than fat. However, I no longer see the weight I had gained in my face. It came off that quickly! I also took my waist, hip, and thigh measurements at the end of week two. That's where I hope to tone up the most. I feel like I am getting more tone but I haven't seen a lot of physical evidence yet. I don't know if I will be posting my actual weight and measurements, but I will left you know how it progresses!

We continue with our healthy snacks and weekly dinners. We skipped the hot tub a couple days this week, but that's alright.

Here are a couple references that I have used when picking out snacks. Perhaps this will help you out. (I found all of these via Pinterest. Seriously, I am always on there...)


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