Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Easy Southwestern Not-chicken Crock Pot Recipe

A cooking post! Finally!

A friend of mine made a southwestern chicken dish which I modified and made today. Isaac and I enjoyed it very much.

1. Can of vegetable broth
2. Can of black beans
3. Can of corn
4. Small can of tomato paste
5. Half of a bell pepper, chopped
6. Two patties of fake grilled chicken (I use Morning Star's grilled "chicken" patties) cut into cubes

Mix everything together in the crock pot. I added some salt, pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper and a bit of cumin. I left the crock pot on high for about three hours and on low for another couple hours. I made some brown rice (takes about an hour on the stove top) and served the southwestern not-chicken over the rice! Tasty!

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