Saturday, April 20, 2013

What I Miss

I'm not crazy about sleeping alone.

i miss laughing with him and all the odd and silly things he used to do or say.

I miss his smile. And I miss him being happy to see me.

I really miss being held. I always thought that the very best place to be was in his arms.

I miss all of our time spent together and long for the plans we'd made (like watching the Star Wars trilogy and riding the light rail down to a Rockies game to name a couple I was looking forward to).

I miss talking to him about anything and everything and vice-versa.

I miss kissing him and holding his hand.

But more than anything, I miss telling him that I love him.

And while some of his feelings may have changed, and even though I am heart-broken, my feelings have stayed the same. I still love him with an unrivaled fierceness that I never expected I could. And despite everything, I can't help whispering to the room that I love him when he leaves. It's very hard to not tell him.

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