Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Trip to Chicago Part Two: The Chocolate Tour!

Our second day in Chicago, Amie woke us up with coffee (do we love her or what?). We checked out of our hotel that morning and stopped by a HUGE art supply store before we left. Wow!

We went up to a northern suburb if Chicago called Lakeview. We had lunch at a Thai place that was pretty tasty.

Then we walked around and found a Threadless store (woo!) and looked in a comic book store.

Then we met at Argo Tea Cafe to begin our Chicago Chocolate Tour! Yes, a chocolate tour! A tour all about chocolate and eating chocolate! I think we call that "heaven."

At Argo Tea Cafe we learned about coffee history. Those Aztecs were smart, using the cocoa bean as currency! And we tried some strawberry green tea with chocolate and a little chocolate macaroon. Tasty!

The next stop was Bobtail ice cream shop where we learned about ice cream and tried out the bourbon infused chocolate ice cream, merlot chocolate chunk ice cream, and cappuccino chocolate crunch frozen yogurt. Mmm!

Then we stopped at a little boutique called Spare Parts and had baked treats from Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter. The first was a premium white chocolate bread and the second was a completely homemade chocolate croissant. Which is impressive because said croissants take more than 12 hours total to make. I think our tour guide said 16 or 18! Wow!

White chocolate bread
 Then we went to Loose Leaf Lounge and tried a chocolate banana red tea with chocolate chip cookie. We learned about the first chocolate chip cookies here and the tea was strange and delicious.

The last stop is going to get a blog post all to itself! Are you excited? I am.

Here is information about the chocolate tour that we took.It is called Chicago Chocolate Tours. Visit their website here: www.chicagochocolatetours.com. They do have a few other locations. The website is where you book your tours and find the tour information. There are a few different ones at different times of the day. Our personal tour guide was a lady named Katie and she was very nice. Here is a link to the pictures she took of our tour: Chicago Chocolate Tours - Photo Gallery - April 27, 2013. Overall it was great fun!