Monday, April 15, 2013

Tutoring High School Biology

At the beginning of the year I signed up to become a tutor through a website that provided these services. Starting in February, I had my first two students. Now I am up to four! And one of those I tutor in two subjects, so it's really like 5. Or 4 1/2, right?

My first student is the one I tutor in two subjects: Biology and Chemistry. While I generally enjoy Chemistry, I love Biology. It is fun to tutor Biology and I feel so confidant about it. I like to do coloring sheets to learn cell parts or little diagrams with moveable pieces to demonstrate differences such as this little review table below (which I made, BTW):
My student had to separate several slips of paper, each with characteristics of the different cell types, into it's correct category on the chart.
One of my newest students is in 10th grade Biology. I thought I loved tutoring college Biology? High school level is even more fun! It's not just that it is more basic, which it is, but it allows me to use all sorts of creative ideas!

Right now, she is learning about photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

In an effort to provide something more stimulating than worksheets and notes, I created some diagrams with pieces she has to fill in herself.

Here is the one for photosynthesis:

And here is the one for cellular respiration:

The coolest part? She really liked them! She was excited and impressed that I had made them! And when we ended her lesson and her mom met us to take her home, the first thing my student did was show her mom the diagrams! And her mom was excited and impressed, too! It was such a great, fun feeling! So now, I love this even more!

Maybe I will teach high school science. You never know. If it is going to be this enjoyable, I know that I would be happy doing it. I just get excited thinking about it! It is so motivating and rewarding.

And I hope this is a good resource for any other teachers and tutors out there! Feel free to use and alter ideas. I plan to post some of the other resources I use in the near future!

Any one have anything to contribute?


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