Monday, April 29, 2013

The Chicago Chocolate Tour: KC Chocolatier

Our last stop on our chocolate tour was a proper chocolatier shop! It is a Belgian style shop called KC Chocolatier.

This is where we got to the truffles and similar treats!

They served coffee that was OK by my high standards. The art was pretty though.

They also had what they called "siping chocolate," a thick, syrupy, caramel-y, sweet drink served in a very small cup (no larger than 3-4 ounces I'd say) for your enjoyment. It was delicious!
The machine that constantly mixes the sipping chocolate.
Our wee little cup of sipping chocolate.
We couldn't even finish that so we put the rest in a cookie batter with some semi-sweet and white chocolate chips. Yum!
Sipping chocolate chocolate chip cookies! Delicious!
And the truffles and candies were wonderful! Definitely the best part of the chocolate tour!

Here is information for KC: Check it out!

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