Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy First Birthday Positively Miscellaneous!

Happy one-year anniversary!!! Yay!!!

My first blog post was published one year ago today. Happy b-day blog!

It has been an interesting experience, so far.

Sometimes people ask what I blog about, which usually gets a blank stare in return and a vague, "all kinds of stuff."

Sean Caspian asked and when I said the above, he asked if it was an idea dump. I think that is an apt description, don't you? But I knew that, going in, hence the title "Miscellaneous."

It is kind of fun for me to look at the progression of my blog. During the year I have had a total of 94 posts (too bad I didn't synchronize and get 100...) and 4421 page views! Yay

My least popular post was my very first post, Drumroll please with a whopping four views! Whew!

The post that generated a decent amount of response (though not all through blogger, but through friends of friends and Facebook) was the nerdy Birthday Coaster Set with 128 views. It was my first post that got over 100.

Some of the pages that got good responses were lists, like Everything I Need to Know About Life... as well as various lists of Halloween/Christmas movies and TV shows or music. The Halloween party posts and some of the costumes and NDK posts got good numbers, some over 100 and some close to 200.

The two pages that have been viewed the most are: "I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food" and "Love people. Cook them tasty food" which currently have 273 and 333 views respectively. Amazing! Apparently I need more posts like that. Except that I am not much of a cook.

That's pretty cool, right? I've been pretty excited about my views and progress. There is an audience out there for everything!

Thank you all for reading and supporting my blog and my ambitions to be a blogger! It has been fun and I hope you continue to stop by! Thanks much to my friends who help me out and especially to Wyatt Kane for making my blog a project to help me out!

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