Monday, March 25, 2013

A Blog About A Video Blog

Sorry about my lack of blog posts lately. Life is so stressful these days.

This is a little post to share something I thought was neat done by Sean Caspian: Draw My Life - Sean Caspian's Story.

I like this idea in general. And if I were ever to do video blogging (don't count on it-I hate the sound of my voice), this is the kind of style that would interest me.

I hope this trends. I would be more interested in video blogs done with this style in mind. And there are so many creative, fun things to do without even showing your face. And they don't all have to be life stories, though I liked the couple other drawn life stories that I watched after Sean's. I just think the idea is cool and unique. Plus, Sean tells a good life story, right? Enjoy!

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