Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Star Trek and Technology

Here is another Nerdy Ravings post for you all. Because, surely, I don't have enough nerdy posts.

I saw this on Facebook several days ago and couldn't stop thinking about it.

Huffington Post: 3D Printed Food: Is It Any Good?

If you follow that link, it takes you to an interesting video about 3D printing (which is amazing, by the way) and using it to possibly make food.

Like the replicators in Star Trek, yes?

Evil Cupcake (see her blog here: http://iamevilcupcake.com/) and I had a little Twitter conversation a while back. I tweeted that I wanted someone to develop holodecks for the home. Let's be honest, how cool would that be?? Evil Cupcake replied that she wanted a food replicator (because all the chocolate you could ever eat!). About a week or so later, I found the above article.

Awesome, right? Isn't technology amazing!

And this reminded me of a book I have called Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku. Here is a link to the Amazon.com page for this book: Amazon.com: Physics of the Impossible. If you pay any attention to the world of physics, the name Michio Kaku ought to ring a bell. I swear he's in everything.

He's amazing. I can't believe how much information that man has in his head. I am a great admirer.

In his book, he explores the possibilities of all sorts of "impossible" things. Like invisibility cloaks (any Harry Potter fans out there?) phasers, force fields, and teleporters (Hello Star Trek!). He has a bit in there about the Death Star as well (we don't want to leave out the Star Wars fans, after all). And, of course, time travel (Doctor Who, will you please join us?)! Plus so, so much more. It's a nerd girl's (or boy's) dream!

He explains things in a way that is understandable, too. I am a science person, but physics is certainly not my area of expertise. Despite that, I greatly enjoyed the book. It is fun and educational all at once!

When I took my physics classes, we watched tons of cool, sci-fi related documentaries (probably because my teacher was a nerd, which is awesome!). Here is one that is more recent, but similar to the one I watched: The Universe: Science Fiction, Science Fact. I love this. The whole first bit is about transporters and Star Trek. Here is one that I thought was so cool from Kip Thorne (another good physics name to know) concerning Carl Sagan's book, Contact about black holes, worm holes, and time travel: BBC Horizon - 1996 The Time Lords Part 1, BBC Horizon - 1996 - The Time Lords Part 2, and BBC Horizon - 1996 - The Time Lords Part 3. I love these. Check them out!

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  1. The other good thing about a replicator, is that you don't have to cook! There are some nights when I get home and I end up having toast for dinner because I'm just too tired to cook something. A replicator would make things so easy!

    The other thing from Start Trek I'd love is the transporters. Another time saving device. I spend 20 hours a week travelling to and from work, it's tiring! So a transporter would also be awesome!