Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Coaster Set

So yesterday was my little brother's birthday. He was a little distraught when I took my bear coasters with me when I moved out of the house so I made him his very own, very nerdy, set. Since this was an artistic endeavor, I am going to post progress pictures.

Arik (my now 20 year old baby brother!), my sister, Kema, and I used to play N-64 together. Some of our favorite games included Super Smash brothers (I was always Pikachu, Kema was usually Yoshi, and Arik switched, but was usually Kirby), Mario Kart, Kirby (something about Crystal Shards?), Paper Mario, and one or two of the Zelda games (the Ocarina one and something about a mask...). In collaboration with Kema, we decided to do these four characters: Link, Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu. Though Bowser was sadly left out... Here are my initial sketches:

Then I went to Got Paint in the mall and this is what I came out with. (Keep in mind, these are not the finished products).

And the back sides:

A handful of days later, I went to pick up my project. Here is what we have:

 Turned out alright, yeah? Even my mixed colors came out. Happy birthday little brother! I think he liked them and I think his housemates will enjoy them, too.

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