Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gardening Endevors Part One

Those who know me know that I like plants, but I have a brown thumb. I tend to kill them, apparently by simply being nearby. My mom inherits most of my plants as I am incapable of keeping them alive.

Despite this, I brought home a clipping from an old aloe plant that we have at my dad's house. This plant is HUGE! I hope that the plant is happy enough that I won't be able to kill it, no matter what I do. Isaac and I named him Barnabas. Here is a picture of him:

Isaac likes plants, too, and is a much better gardener than myself. With that in mind, I bought a couple of small troughs and some seeds for him for Valentines Day. We finally bought some soil and planted our seeds a couple weeks ago, "my" planter has mini carrots, peas, and green beans (and an adorable owl decoration) and "Isaac's" has oregano, basil, and spearmint. After moving them inside two or three times for all of the cold storms, we still had no results. But today when I went out to water the plants, I found this!

Yes! A sprout! In "my" planter, no less! This is one is from one of the peas! I was so excited! So until fall, I will keep you posted on our little gardens!

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  1. Nice work! Last year I bought some herb plants but never watered them enough, so they died. I wish I had the patience and skill to keep them alive. I hope your plants survive!