Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Party Number One

On Saturday evening, Isaac and I went to the first holiday party of the season. The theme was Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s. I decided that the usual fashion for women was not very flattering to my figure, so I decided to coordinate my outfit with Isaac's. We were that gross couple. Here are some photos we had taken at a photo booth:

Our colors were blue and grey, but I had to add some sparkle to mine, of course.

We did get quite a few compliments. And I was one of the very few women in slacks and one of an even smaller number in flats, so I was quite comfortable. Which is extra good because we took the light rail downtown and had to walk from the stop to and from the hotel.

For my hair and makeup (both of which you can hardly see in the pictures...), I wanted to share the tutorials I used.

For hair, I wanted something easy that I could wear a hat on top of. I actually did make a headband that matches my hat, which, again, you cannot see. It turned out really easy and nice though! Easiest 1920s Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial.

I am pretty clueless when it comes to makeup, so I found this tutorial which was great. I do not have an extensive makeup collection, but I was able to work with what I had. Again, you can't see my makeup in the pictures, but I was very proud of my smoky eyeshadow and cupid's bow lips. Historically Accurate: 1920s Makeup Tutorial. And her stuff is great because it comes with a brief history lesson.

It was a very fun night with awesome people, fun shows, and more. I like getting dressed up and having cocktails (the special was St. Germaine in champagne, which I love). I felt very fancy and Isaac and I both had a good time.

Next week is my work party, which will be much more casual.

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