Thursday, December 25, 2014

Birthday Lights

My birthday was quite nice this year. I thought I would have to work, but I ended up having it off. I had breakfast with my mom and then we went shopping. I had a late lunch and coffee with Liz. Then Isaac and I went to our Indian restaurant together for dinner.

A couple of days after my birthday, my bosses got me a (delicious) birthday cake:

The next day, I got to have a little dinner with a couple of friends, which was nice. And a couple of days later, some of my friends and I got together, had hot chocolate, and drove around to look at awesome Christmas lights.

It was fun and laid back. And thanks again to Krissy for driving!

Here are some of the lights we saw:

And here is one that we stumbled upon that had their lights synced to music that you accessed via radio. I could only upload a shortened clip, but you get the idea!

It was loads of fun! Thanks guys!

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