Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Plaster Queen

That's what I call myself now. We had several, smallish repairs to make on the walls of our condo and I headed this project.

I learned how to patch drywall and plaster! Here are a couple of handy videos and such for you:
Drywall patching: How to patch a hole in your wall.
Plaster repair: How To Plaster A Hole In The Wall.
An article on the differences between plaster and drywall from How Stuff Works: What is the difference between drywall and plaster?
Another article to help with drywall patches: Hole in the Wall Help.

And here is some of my excellent work! Or decent work.

Drywall patching:

After! But before sanding and painting.
Plaster patching:

This corner was particularly nasty to fix. Luckily the trim will cover most of it.
More plastering:

A mostly finished patch. It needed one more layer.

After that was finished, we primed the walls and repainted:
The lighting makes it tough to see, but the new, light green is on the right and the old, olive-y green is on the left. Looks brown here...
After that was underway, Isaac and I went to Ikea and bought curtains and panels. Our balcony door has not been covered for months! It's nice to have the privacy back.

I know it is difficult to see, but the walls are light green and the hangings are grey and white. The curtains are brown.
Recently, we went and got a brand new bed, too! That was very exciting! Got a nice bed frame, a new mattress (which we desperately needed) and a box spring. Thanks Ikea!

So there are some of the most recent home repairs! Our living room is really coming together. Just a little more painting to do, the trim, and to hem the curtain! Then we get to move on to the dining area and kitchen! So exciting! And thanks to my love, Isaac, who did almost all of the tiling and he put the hangings and curtains up! Though I did hem them. Badly, because Ikea's curtains are not straight and even. Oh well.

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