Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12

Today is my step-grandmother's birthday. Yay! Happy birthday! (I'm not sure that she sees my blog, but I stalk her on Facebook and, of course, I am thinking about her today.)

And then I remembered that it was also the second anniversary of my grandfather's death (as well as the day I took the GRE). First off, what a horrible birthday for my step-grandma. I can't imagine how heartbreaking that would be. She's a strong lady, though, and she somehow manages to handle everything. Tough as nails.

I was remembering the day I took the GRE. I was a horrible, nervous wreck. My mom met me for a bit so I could grab a chai before the test (to avoid the caffeine headache). She knew that Grandpa had passed away earlier that morning, but didn't tell me because she didn't want to stress me out more or distract me from the GRE. And even though she must have been heartbroken, she actually hid it from me pretty well and tried to keep me positive.

So I was remembering and feeling a little sad, but grateful for my incredible and amazing mom and my wonderful and tough grandma. I feel that I have been a pretty lucky girl with my family. I guess I just wanted to share.

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