Monday, March 31, 2014

An April Challenge

While perusing Pinterest (which I do waaay too often for many hours), I found a photo challenge someone had posted. The idea appealed to me (though not the specific one that I found). Inspired, I went in search of other photo challenges that I could do easily using my phone and Instagram. In addition, I needed one that wouldn't be a huge time commitment because, you know, grad school.

Eventually I stumbled upon this: Let Your Worry Down: 30 Day Challenge.

Here was this blogger's 30 day photo challenge (that can easily be done using Instagram and not too much time):

How about that? Fun little thing that I can do for April that won't take tons of time from my school work and will keep me engaged in my blog! Plus, there is the added bonus of it providing a little break from what promises to be an insane month (my scholarly paper is due on the 22nd--that's my graduation project! Ahh! And I have to present on it tomorrow! I'm not ready!). First photo post scheduled for tomorrow! Hopefully this will be something fun. I welcome any of my friends and fellow bloggers to join me!

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