Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day was just over a week ago. Some of you may remember my mom from my previous posts, namely In Honor of Mother's Day

Due to my limited budget, there seemed to be little I could do for her and I wanted a gift I could make that was different from stuff I've made or bought in the past. 

After some searching, I decided to buy some flowers, arrange them, and bring them to her at work. Here is what I ended up with:

Pretty, right? I liked the yellow accents in this irises so a yellow rose offset it nicely. I cut the flowers and put them in a clear vase. I tied a thick white, medium yellow, and thin purple ribbons around it, which gave it a nice, finished touch.

As for the main gift, I decided on a sugar scrub. 

I did a lot of looking on Pinterest for DIY sugar scrubs and found several different recipes. My two favorites were these:

Jaco'lyn Murphy: Sugar Momma! Mother's Day Sugar Scrub. I like using the oil because it is good for your skin. Plus I liked to overall citrus theme.

Simply You and Me: Sugar Scrub. I liked this because of the added moisturizing as well as the fact that it will foam--I like sugar and salt scrubs that foam. Makes it feel cleaner.

I took some aspects from both to make mine.

I got a cute little glass Tupperware with a lid. I filled that about 3/4 full of white sugar (looking back, maybe a courser, raw or natural sugar, would have been better?).

I added some olive oil, just enough to make the sugar easier to mix. 

Then I added about 4-5 ounces of Dawn Olay hand renewal dish soap:
I chose the pomegranate splash scent because it smelled best, in my opinion.

Then mix until every part is the same color and consistency. I kept adding more soap to make sure the scent was noticeable.
Looks pretty, right?

When I tried out a little, I liked in. And my hands felt nice after, though the smell didn't linger. I will have to play with that another time.

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