Thursday, May 23, 2013

Housewarming Shower

I recently attended a great housewarming shower for a gal I know. She never really had a bridal shower so this was the substitute I suppose.

She decided she wanted a Tiffany's and Co. themed party which came together beautifully! Here is a picture of the delicious cake made by Das Meyer:

I wanted to share my gift--a shower cake!

Like a diaper cake for baby showers but for bridal or housewarming showers!

I used bath towels (hand towels and washcloths for the tiers) because she wasn't registered for kitchen towels and I didn't want to get something she didn't want or need.

The spoons and shakers were on her registry and worked nicely in the cake. 

One important note: since this is unconventional as far as gift wrapping goes, keep your receipts and packaging in case she needs to return anything!

Since the towels were almost Tiffany blue, I figured that I would keep with the theme and use white ribbon to tie the tiers. I added some be-dazzle to them for pretties.

And then I made her card, also keeping with the theme:

It is blue card stock. White ribbon across the top with a little bow glued on. The T is good for Tiffany's or for the recipient's name, whichever she chooses since her first name initial is also 'T.'

And some white card stock glued on the inside on which to write!

Here is the full effect:

There you have it! Some cute little ideas for showers! 

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