Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Distractions and Reading

It's been a while since I blogged. My life feels so transitional and surreal right now that it is hard to think about things, anythings.

My main goal for a while now is just to distract myself from feeling and from thinking about the breakup (loss of relationship, home, et cetera). Besides spending WAY too much time on the internet (sorry Facebook friends for posting tons of articles, pictures, status updates... and I know some have noticed...) I have also been reading much more than normal. So much in fact, that I upped my yearly reading goal from 40 books to 50 (because at the end of August I was at 39 read for the year... and I'm still 7 books ahead of schedule...).

I have started to become more active in book communities on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter. Because of that, I began a little Tumblr book blog where I can share pictures, quotes, and book reviews. I just started it, so it is a little rough around the edges still, but here it is: Literary Treasure Trove. If it does OK and I keep up with it, maybe I will link it back into this blog more. So I will be posting fewer reviews here and much more on the Treasure Trove. There are a few books I will probably post reviews of here, when I particularly love something or for special events (like October Halloween reading. Because Halloween).

Plus, I have been rewarding myself for emotional/physical strain of moving with books, so my book collection is increasing more rapidly than usual.

So that's my new thing. We will see what comes from it. Right now, it is a nice escape. Just read all the time and write about what I am reading.

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