Thursday, July 30, 2015

August Book Bingo

I stumbled across this fun new idea on Instagram! A couple of the book themed accounts I follow created/are participating in an August Bingo Book-a-thon. See: nicole_in_neverland: August Bingo Book-a-thon. And here is another person I follow who is doing a slightly different take on the Bingo card: readingdiares: August Bingo Book-a-thon. There are different ways to approach this game.

I was intrigued so I compiled a to be read (tbr) list and randomly placed them on a bingo card that I created. 
My Bingo card!

The same list went on another piece of paper to be cut out, folded, and put in a bowl so I can randomly draw my books. I made some markers I can tape to my card as I go.

My books are a mix of physical and audiobooks. Since I drive so much, audiobooks are a great option for me. And since I tend to read and listen to multiple books at a time, I will have to get creative about how I play this game. I own some of these, but several I can easily get physical or audio copies of to help me balance what I'm reading (I hope).

Anyway, it should be fun! I hope others might join the game. Updates are being put under the hashtag bingobookathon on Instagram, an will probably come up in Twitter or Tumblr as well.

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