Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Naming of Rats

See what I did there? As in "The Naming of Cats." I thought it was funny. I am also sleep deprived because I am trying to switch to a night shift schedule. Let's move on.

We picked names for the ratties!

Here is Nova. She is shy and timid, but friendly. Fun fact, both my sister and my mom dreamed that I got a white rat with a black head! My sister had her dream months ago, before I was even ready for more. My mom had hers after I got the rats, but before she knew what they looked like. Must be destiny!
Her nick name is Masked Bandit.
This is Carina. We originally figured on naming her Gamora, but we just didn't think it fit and didn't think it was pretty enough. On the plus side, she gets into so much that I can scold her like The Collector scolds her namesake in Guardians of the Galaxy.
She is very adventurous and tries to get into everything.
And this little one is Nebula who is our resident acrobat and monkey. She can and will climb anything!
Nebula is the dwarf rat so I often call her Little One.
All of them have settled in pretty well. They are all interested, active, and adventurous (though Nova is less so than the other two). They are quite a handful! Quick and little! But it's been a fun couple of days and I am looking forward to spending tons of time with them!

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