Monday, February 2, 2015

New Ratties!

I would like to introduce our new rats!!
These two are actual sisters. The one on the left is a dwarf rat. They are nearly two months old.
She doesn't like to hold still, even for pictures! She is nearly 3 months old.
We haven't decided on names yet. I wanted to go in a similar vein as Romulus and Remus and voted for Medusa, Sthenno, and Euryale. Isaac voted for Guardians of the Galaxy theme: Gamora, Nebula, and Nova (as in Nova Prime). I'm still looking for names that pop out at me that will fit them.

Anyway, you know me, TONS of pictures and updates will follow! Especially if you follow me on Instagram. I think most of my pictures are of rats already.

I got them home and into their new big cage. They are already getting settled and starting to feel comfortable. Romulus and Remus took longer to start acting normally, but the girls are doing great. Just the little dwarf is still acting timid and unsure, but she is starting to explore! All of them have found food and water and like the wheel.

Once I decided to take steps to get more rats, I have been so excited and I dreamed about rats a lot. Then I picked the three girls and I could not wait to meet them! And here they are!

Once again, I adopted from Camarattery. She is a local rat breeder (among other things). I got Romulus and Remus from her and they were so wonderful, I had to adopt through her again!

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