Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Rats

Some time has passed since I lost my boys. I still get sad, but I have plenty of fond memories to return to.

About a week or so ago, I decided that it was time for a couple more rats. I contacted the breeder I got Romulus and Remus from to let her know that I was interested in adopting and had my eye on a couple of her litters.

The babies in both litters that caught my attention are only a couple of weeks old and not old enough to determine gender and such, so I cannot pick out my new boys yet.

Even though I know it will be a little wait, I am practically a creepy stalker on the breeder's page. I am constantly looking for updates on litters (even the ones I am not planning to adopt from) and perusing the rest of her website (which I already familiarized myself with the first time around). It's like a horrible habit that I just can't kick. I check the two litters at least once per day and then I sit and look at the other litters and pictures and diet pages and articles. Like I haven't done it a million times before. I suppose it is just restless energy.

I partially blame my sister. I knew I would want rats again and for my birthday gift, she told me when I got my next pair, she would buy them for me! And that is an offer I would be stupid to refuse, right? It was good timing though. Isaac and I had discussed getting more rats and that I needed to clean out/organize the second room before that happened. I am proud to say that the second room is much improved and nearly ready! Isaac developed an allergy to Romulus and Remus (of course), so we had to make some changes and lay down new ground rules for future rats. Because I really want to be a crazy rat lady, but I also don't want to kill my boyfriend.

The floor in there is carpet, so I will be laying down a mat, like the ones you use for desk chairs, to help keep bedding et cetera out of the carpet and easier to clean up. I can use the second bathroom shower for cleaning when it is cold, though I still have to go outside to dump the bedding because aerosolizing the bedding and urine during dumping bedding will set off those pesky asthma attacks. It is a unique and challenging situation, but I am definitely willing to work around them.

Until then, I will be perusing the breeder website and making sure I have all of the supplies I need!

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