Monday, July 28, 2014

Random Thoughts of a Sicky

I've been sick the last several days and mainly haunt Facebook, Tumblr, et cetera between naps.

Here are a few random thoughts that have tumbled through my (slightly fever-ridden) brain:
  • Getting a job where you can call in sick is the dream (yeah, I had to work the past few days, sick or not and couldn't get anyone to help cover my shifts).
  • Why is it when I tell people that I am vegetarian they ask about fish? "You don't even eat fish?!?" Uh, no? Fish are still animals...
  • Where the heck does all of this snot come from? Seriously, I keep blowing my nose and it never stops (gross, sorry).
  • Why do I find Tyler Hoechlin attractive? I mean, he is gorgeous, but not the type of guy I am usually attracted to (see: Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Morgan, Robert Carlyle, and so forth).
  • I am worried about my little Romulus rat because he is skinny and sick and that makes me very sad. We have a vet appointment tomorrow. 
  • I also need to clean their cage, but don't have any energy to do so. Sorry boys.
  • I have been sleeping really well. Probably because I have been so sick and my body needs the energy. I also get weird dreams. I'm thinking that's the fever.
  • Being sick in the summer sucks cause everyone else is out doing fun stuff. Jealous.
  • I like knowing the origins of phrases, but there doesn't seem to be one for "more than you can shake a stick at," which annoys me. (I have found origins for "knock on wood," "the real McCoy," and others. I like knowing random things.) That's one of the things I was trying to look for between naps.
  • The latest season of Sherlock was funny (despite Moffat's recycled lines). I wonder how long we have to wait for season 4...
Anyway, that is what is going through my bored, tired, and illness-addled mind. I will stop rambling now. It is time for another nap anyhow.

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