Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Shower!

Now I can post the kinds of stuff we did for the baby shower!

First of all, here is the finished diaper cake:

My goal was to have lots of cute, but useful decorations. This was the center piece on the gift table, as seen below.
Pretty, almost finished table. This was late the night before the shower.

We decided that we liked the rain theme that we used on the invitations in the last post. We made this large cloud and a couple small ones by tying together a bunch of white and silver balloons. 

We cut out a bunch of raindrops as odd-shaped hearts so we could fold them around the strings. We used a packet of about five different shades of pink to make them. Then I hot-glued them to the strings at random and we tied them into the clouds! Quite cute, if I do say so myself.

Here are some more functional decorations:
These are burp cloths or rags made to look like peas in a pod! Cute!

These are red washcloths wrapped in onesies wrapped in blankets and put in little kiddie tupperware cups. Functional and cute!

These are diapers (in the basket, I put a packet of wipes and the rest of the diaper pack to prop everything up) wrapped in washcloths with socks on their heads! There is some bath soap, lotion, etc in the back, too. This was a big hit.

We also put some other things like booties, hats, et cetera on the tables. Our punch drink dispenser is clear plastic and there is a bottom sort of stand for it that you can put ice in. We put booties and headbands in there instead. Sadly, no one got a picture of the punch dispenser so I cannot show you what it looked like.

For food we had a little variety, though we weren't strictly serving a meal.

We made a punch with the following recipe:
This recipe was found on Pinterest via

We also had a couple of soda choices, iced tea, and iced coffee.

We ordered a meat and cheese tray and a veggie tray from the local grocery store and provided rolls, croissants, and condiments for sandwiches. We also got a bunch of fruit and made these:
Fruit rainbow! Not the best picture but it was super cute and colorful. Matched the theme, too. My sister was kind enough to put these together for us.
My mom and I attempted to make cake pops. We used chocolate cake and I have a little cake pop maker. We dipped them in pink-colored candy melts, and we were going to give them white polka dots. Unfortunately, the dipping went horribly wrong and they ended up looking very messy. We skipped the polka dots. Despite how bad they looked, they were actually quite tasty!

The main food event was the cake from Das Meyer. I was excited to see it for DAYS! And they really out-did themselves! It was absolutely GORGEOUS!!


Here is the side detail:
Clouds and pink rain! I love it!

So amazing! And it was lemon poppy seed with raspberry filling--delicious!

We did have a few activities and games.

I made signs and we put together prizes:
I have tons of scrap-booking materials laying around so we didn't have to buy anything specific, just the frames which we found cheap at a craft store.

I bought plain bags and added a little pretty to them myself. We tried for a couple or prizes that were a little more masculine and put them in the red bags. Two of the pink bags have silver ribbons tied to the handles. These were special prizes for the diaper raffle.

We had onsies, bibs, and hats for people to decorate. My mom has a clothesline out back (where most of the shower was set up) which was perfect to show off completed projects. We provided fabric markers, some paints, and rhinestones with fabric glue. We ended up with a couple extra game prizes, so Arik and Pamela picked favorites and the artists got prizes.

I found an idea on Pinterest to make a baby's first alphabet book. I printed A through Z on card stock and provided markers and crayons and such. My sister and I ended up finishing the blank ones, which is fine.

For games we did "guess the distance" by cutting string you think fits around Pamela's tummy. We also did "guess the baby food" which was very funny!

I hot glued printed numbers on ribbon. Then I took the food labels off the baby food and glued these on. Cute and fun.
We got a lot of adventurous people to try the foods! And one person did manage to guess all seven correctly!

Lastly, I made pins for Pamela, Arik, my mom, my dad, my sister, and myself. Because I wanted to.
These are actually wooden medallions painted white and written on with sharpie. I did have some stickers and embellishments that I glued on for a little pretty. Pamela's and my Momma's have cloth flowers on the back that we found near the hair section in a craft store. They didn't have gems or anything in the middle so I could easily glue on the wooden medallions. The pin backings are hot-glued to the backs.

Here are several links which I found on Pinterest for inspiration (which are also on my Pinterest account under Baby Shower):
A picture of baby shower rainbow fruit.
The punch recipe again.
Here is the same website, different link that has lot of info and even some free games and such: Cutest Baby Shower Ideas.
Initial inspiration for the rain cloud: Event Inspiration.
The pink/ombre inspirations came later from this: Etsy: Blue Ombre Rain Drop Garland.
Photo of the diaper babies.
Etsy: Receiving Blanket and Bodysuit Sundae as well as Cupcake Onesies Gift Idea which shows how to make your own. I took ideas from both.
The idea for the alphabet book came from here: Renee's Baby Shower.
The idea for the burp rag peas in a pod came from here: Project Nursery: Unique Baby Shower Gifts and I believe it takes you to an Etsy link.
Here is the Guess the Distance inspiration (though I have played it before, but I liked this way of doing it): Baby Shower Game-Guess the Distance-Measure Mom's Belly.
Decorate a onesie inspiration.

And there you have it! Feel free to check out my Pinterest for even more baby shower stuff!

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