Monday, April 7, 2014

Day Seven: Something Funny

A tough one! I find lots of things funny, but I can't take a picture of a conversation or of something I stumble across on Tumblr (well, I guess I *could,* but it wouldn't be a good picture). After searching around while walking to and from class, I started to feel discouraged. Later on, I stumbled across this article while reading through one of my editions of Scientific American:

The "Holey" land! Get it? Cause it's about sink holes by the Dead Sea? It's super cheesy, but I giggled when I saw it and then the light bulb came on, "Oh! Here is something funny! Hurry, pull out your phone and take a picture before you forget!" So there you go. Something funny in a very cheesy way. I hope it made you smile (even if your rolled your eyes after)!

By the by, this article is from the Scientific American that was released February of 2014. Arielle Duhaime-Ross wrote the article.

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