Monday, August 26, 2013

Returning to College as an Adult

As some of you probably know, I recently returned to college to get my Masters. I entered an intensive, one-year long program for Microbiology and Immunology.

The problem for me was leaving my home, friends, family, and many of my work hours behind to move up to Fort Collins. Not only that, I am living in the dorms with all of the 18-year-olds. I guess a couple of them are 19. Even my RA is just barely 20.

At 25 going on 26, I felt that 18 wasn't that long ago. And luckily for me, I look young enough to blend in with my floor mates. But 18 has never looked so young before.

Several of my floor mates are directionless, have never been away from home, and have never had to be an adult before now. When I went through all of that for the first time, it was overwhelming and often confusing. While 18 is not so far behind me, I realize just how much I have changed since I first went off to college.

When I went off to college at 18:
  • My parents were still together.
  • My relationship with Isaac was still new--we were only a few months in. I still never thought I could make it in a relationship. (But more than seven years later, here we are.)
  • I wanted to go into forensic science and was forced to choose between a Biology or Chemistry focus and went with Biology. (Now I have a degree in Biology with a Biotech focus and a Chemistry minor).
  • I NEVER wanted to teach. (Now I tutor and am considering going into teaching.)
  • I was still living at home with my parents when I wasn't in the dorms.
  • I thought I could work at Peaberry Coffee all the way though college.
  • I was still in Westernaires. That's weird to think about.
  • I thought I would stay at the University of Northern Colorado for the whole four years to get my degree (I transferred twice and it took me five and a half years to get my undergrad...).
  • I still had a great group of friends. Some have drifted away, but I am proud to say that I still have many, many good friends and have been able to make more during college.
So even thought 18 wasn't far away for me in terms of years, it seems very far away from me in terms of experience and life. Living in the dorms with all these fresh college students has been a very interesting experience so far. And most of them are nice, but not sure what to make of me. I have to say that, overall, I am enjoying the experience in this new light.


  1. I never went to University, not sure if I had gone that I would have gotten the most out of it. It's only now that I'm 36 that I actually know what I want to do with myself! I'm seriously considering doing a Bachelor of Science via correspondence.

    I look forward to more updates!

    1. I always encourage perusing education! I never liked middle school or high school, but college has been wonderful! I wish I could stay in college forever! I don't know if I could do classes by correspondence however. I really like sitting in lecture.