Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NDK 2013 Costumes Part Seven

Costume update time!

First and foremost, we have decided not to do Rogue and Gambit this year. Isaac wasn't ready to put the time, money, and effort into it and I didn't feel like doing all of the work, so it is out. Perhaps next year. I hope so anyway. It would be totally awesome.


I made the cartridges to put on the front of my dress! Here is how:
Bead tubes! After I removed the lids.

First, I wrapped them in orange felt. Hooray for hot glue guns.

Then I wrapped the felt in strips of the matching blue fabric.

And we have a cartridge!

I sewed them together and sewed them to a solid piece of fabric.

My finished cartridge packs.

And then I sewed them onto the front of my little dress! Nausicaa is nearly finished! I just need to make her little leg warmers.


I finally got some lace for the sleeves. I need to put blue glitter on them.

While I was trying the jacket on, I realized that it wasn't fitting quite right because, like a dolt, I forgot the band and buttons in the back.

See those there? Yeah, I need to add that and that will help the coat fit properly. I am working on that currently.

Along with this, I decided to safety pin the front of the coat so it will stay in place with the vest since the coat doesn't close. I just put one on each side near my waist. It will help with the coat fitting better and keep my costume nice at all times without me having to adjust it every two minutes. I was going to sew in snaps, but I am starting to run short on time.

I also haven't hemmed the bottom of the coat yet because I am having trouble getting it in just the right shape. It just needs some more adjusting, but it is fairly simple so it will be done soon! Then I just get to glitter and bedazzle the crap out of the coat!

I ordered the wig! I got it from Amphigory: Punky Wigs. It should get here *JUST* in time (I hope...) and then I will need to put some blue in it. And spray it with glitter (I'm sensing a pattern here).

I also ordered contacts! One blue and one brown! Non prescription, but that's OK. It's cheaper and who needs to see properly?

New Costume Announcement!

Lady Fourth Doctor!

Yes, you heard correct! A friend of mine is dressing as a female version of the tenth doctor. I decided to join her at the last moment.

I have been watching a lot of Classic Doctor Who lately and I really like them. I may have considered the second Doctor, but the fourth is more distinctive.

So I went to a thrift store and found these:

Everything will need some altering. The fourth Doctor is possibly the frumpiest Doctor ever, which makes me laugh. Though he gets less frumpy later when they change his clothes out as his saga goes on.

And then, of course, his signature scarf which I will be crocheting!

So that's that! Stay tuned! I am getting excited!

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