Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Peeps® Follow Up

Inspired by my previous post, some of my friends decided to continue this. Here are some Peeps melting using lit birthday candles:

And then we put a Peep in vinegar to see if it dissolves. Here are a few pictures taken over about an hour. The question raised: "What is that doing in your stomach?" On the plus side, stomach acid is stronger than the acetic acid in vinegar. First the vinegar turned yellow but eventually the marshmallow started to break down and the frosting eyes fell off but did not appear to dissolve at all...

After sitting over night here are three Peeps. The one in vinegar is most broken down. One is in salt water. The last is in beer. Yay beer.

And so this is not all ended on a negative note, here is the door hanging I made in honor of spring! Most of the materials were bought at Michaels. And I love the sparkly eggs (which I got at Target). Once I had the materials, it was very easy to assemble.

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