Monday, April 9, 2012

Adventures with Peeps®

Or more appropriately titled: Peeps® Massacre. What better way to celebrate Easter than torturing Peeps? I'm pretty sure the only reason the company is still in business is because people want to play with the Peeps, not eat them. I spent Easter (after I got off work) with (essentially) my in-laws. I was asked not to mention full names... ^_~

So my friend and Isaac's sister, Liz, had all manner of brilliant ways to "torture" Peeps. And she and her cousin named them. So, to begin, this was Starbuck (because I work at Starbucks and had a hard day at work prior to Easter dinner) crushed multiple times by a garage door...
And this is Francis who was soaked in Jim Beam and Gasoline and lit on fire (and yes, he began to bubble before we got the fire started... The last picture is the goopy remains.

And here is Ethel  who was dipped into Francis' remains and started to bubble and dissolve...

And here is Bieber who Liz filled with frosting before putting in the microwave and the gory result, all of which produced laughs from the whole family.

I know what you are thinking: "Is that a fire cracker?" Why, yes! It is! Probably everybody's favorite:

Yes, this is how we spent a good portion of Easter. I suppose all of this seems morbid, but they were all very involved family activities and we all laughed a great deal. Other activities included an Easter egg hunt, ping pong tournaments, dinner, croquet, socializing, walks, and dominoes. I promise we didn't spend all of Easter doing things like this. In our defense, there are tons of websites and blog posts dedicated to this. Here is an amusing one I stumbled upon: Elevenish Ways to Kill a Peep.

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