Monday, October 13, 2014

One Last NDK 2014 Post

We got out pictures back from our photo shoot! I wanted to share some because this is the first time that we have hired a photographer and because it was silly and fun.

First of all, the photos were taken by Leanne of Shutter Crazy Photos. The link is to their Facebook page. Please let me know if you want more information in order to hire her. She was very fun and silly and (luckily for us) full of photo ideas.

These are just a few of our group pictures. I hope you like them! It was a pretty fabulous group!

We are pretty cute.
Butt shot! But you can see our beautiful bows.
We took several spinning shots. This was one of the few good ones were you can see all of our faces.
Walking like models!
There are more in small groups, individuals, and some derp-y ones. But I wanted to show us all off in all of our silly glory. I hope you enjoyed!

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