Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NDK 2014 Costumes Part Six

I finished the handkerchief. It looks a little weird, especially in the front, but it's too late to fix it now!

I did a trial run of the costume. I will need to put band aids on my feet, I bet. The shoes aren't very comfy for a long day walking around.

Otherwise, I think it looks OK.

From the front

The back

Randi and Katie were nice enough to make everyone's tiaras! Which is amazing because everyone was running out of time. Thanks guys! You rock!

I only got one vote on the gloves, but it was Cat and her opinions are worth more. Cause she makes costumes professionally and I trust her judgement. She said they'd be alright gold, so I am painting them. They will need a few coats, so no pictures (because they are going to take a while to dry all the way and then I still need to sew the blue bits on). That's OK. There will be plenty of actual NDK pictures.

The wig is... A process. It's SO LONG! But the wig I bought online is much nicer than the one I was originally going to use. If I finish it in a reasonable amount of time, I will post pictures.

Otherwise, I ironed my costume and am generally ready to go.

NDK is so soon! I'm excited and nervous!

Here is my line-up:
Friday- Nausicaa (I know, I'm cheating)
Saturday- Lady 4th Doctor (And again...)
Sunday- Sailor Jasmine (plus a photo shoot! Exciting!)

There may have been talk of Katamari? But Amie was the only one who asked me. We will see if more people decide to do it. We worked so hard on those heads, it would be a shame not to bring it back at least once. Maybe next year.

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