Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nerdy Ravings: Sailor Moon Crystal

It's been much too long since I did a Nerdy Ravings post.

I'm sure many of my nerdier followers are aware of the new(ish) release of Sailor Moon anime. The fourth episode was just recently released. It is basically the same story line (so far), but with different animation and not as much silly filler.

Don't get me wrong, I like the original Sailor Moon (and I own all of the DVDs). It was what got me into anime in the first place. But the original contains a ton of unnecessary filler, extra monsters, extra weird drama, and so forth. Also, I have read many of the manga and they are beautiful. I was always disappointed about how distinctly NOT beautiful the original anime was. Because it was supposed to be gorgeous. That being said, I took several screen-caps from the latest episode as I watched so that I could show you all the pretty art and tried to compare to the original. I suppose I should be more lenient considering how old the original actually is, but oh well.
Sailor Mercury's new transformation

Mercury's old transformation

Sailor Moon's old tiara detail

Sailor Moon's new tiara detail
The new series looks a lot more like the original manga and is finally as pretty as (I think) it deserves to be! Usagi isn't quite as obnoxious (which I like) and it moves faster than the original due to the lack of filler episodes and random extra monsters.

Top: original. Bottom: new. The new looks so much more like the manga!
For the sake of comparison, here are a couple of covers from some of my Sailor Moon manga:
First Sailor Moon manga

And the second

My one complaint is probably the music. I liked all of the original music for the Sailor Moon series, and I have not been overly impressed with the songs. Maybe they will grow on me, but I am not holding my breath.
The Generals are pretty, too!
In conclusion, I like it, so far. I wonder how far they will go. Dare I hope that the outer scouts will be included? They are my favorites. The live action one didn't go that far (another interesting and decent take on the story, if you ask me) and I am not sure if this one will. But here's hoping!

I have been watching the episodes on Hulu as they come out. I'm sure there are places on YouTube to watch it, as well.

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