Wednesday, July 3, 2013

NDK 2013 Costumes Part Six

I have been slacking!!!

Get on the ball, Samara! Really now!

Ok, so here is what I have.

Lately I have been diligently working on my Jareth costume.

The vest and dickey are finished. I am nearly finished with the coat. Here are some progress pictures on that.

Here is the necessary pocket I sewed into the inside of the jacket!
Without sleeves.
With sleeves.
Coat almost finished. Just need to hem the bottom and add the lace on the sleeves. Then to glitter it up!
I also started working on the broach. I am having an interesting time with this, but this seems to be the best idea right now.
It isn't finished yet, don't panic. I'm sure it will look better when it's finished...
I will try to put enough silver beads on afterwards to cover the little holes. I wonder if I should have done that part first... Well, you live, you learn!

(By the way, this is what it's supposed to look like...
That's never going to happen. Shhh...)

I still need to order my wig. Should do that soon; I keep telling myself. Also, to wear contacts or to not wear contacts? I'd love to, but it's expensive... especially since they would need correction because I like to see.

That has been my main focus so far. I figure if I can finish one very ambitious costume, the rest will be easier.

I have made a bit of progress with Nausicaa. I am currently figuring out how to do the cartridges on her top.

I am thinking the mask probably won't happen. Mostly because I haven't figured out a great way to make it and I'm afraid that I will run out of time trying.

As for Rogue and Gambit? Nada. Zip. Zero. I'd better order my costume soon. Then I will feel as though I am being productive.

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