Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Father's Day Post

I am not sure that I have ever written a post about my dad. Sorry about that.

That's me and my dad! Oh, and my "baby" brother. Isn't he a punk?

When I was little, I was a total daddy's girl. We did all kinds of stuff together and I have many, many specific memories with him.

I remember when I was about two, I had a red tricycle. My dad was going to repaint it and he asked me what color I wanted, to which  I replied "sparkly blue." And that's what he painted it! I remember him painting bookshelves to match mine and my sister's dinosaur bed sets (I loved dinosaurs when I was little, what can I say?). I still have the bookshelf--I am not sure I can bear to part with it. I remember "working" in the yard with him. Well, he was working, I was "helping." I remember going on a little vacation once--just the two of us--to Vail with his work softball team.

I remember getting up in the morning to "get ready" with him--mostly I watched him shave and he put shaving cream on my nose. Some mornings I wasn't up early enough, so I sat at the top of the stairs and watched him eat breakfast (half a grapefruit almost every morning!) until he got up and came to tell me bye.

We didn't always have the best of relationships. When I got into middle and high school, we fought quite a bit! There was a lot of yelling for a while there and it was not great for either of us.

Then, one day, we had a big blow up and after that, things seemed to resolve themselves.

Now we have a pretty good relationship. We don't see or talk to each other as much as we probably should, but he is always supportive of me and happy when I am happy. He always has advice and tips (even when I don't want or need them!) for me. And he always has good hugs!

And he loves to golf! Luckily for me, I think he loves us kids just slightly above his love of golf *wink.*

So that's my daddy! He probably won't see this, but I hope he knows how much I love and appreciate him. I think about him a lot and still miss him sometimes.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you always.

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