Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Family Holiday: Halloween

This is just the beginning. All October posts from here one will have one major theme: Halloween!

As several of you already know, Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. (I know, I even like it better than Christmas/Hanukkah). If any of you know my family, you know that I come by it honestly.

My mom is into holidays in general, but she loves Halloween. It definitely suits her eccentric style. She likes horror movies and visiting haunted houses (not the ones the local kids put on, but actual rumored haunted places). She gets into the ghost stories and dressing up. Her particular tastes we define as "mysterious." Witches, black cats, lanterns, ghostly figures. Nothing particularly frightening, but things that are potentially frightening. Grave yards, cauldrons, bats, and such.

My sister is a bit of a mix. She watches lots of horror movies and reads much scarier books and stories than I do. For decorations and everything, she is kind of like my mom. Maybe with a little cute thrown in. And I think she gets a kick out of zombies. I am not positive, but I think Halloween is still her favorite holiday, too.

My brother is a horse of a different color. He likes the gruesome and spooky. Gore galore. Moving headstones, tormented souls, restless dead. He works at a local haunted house (one that the local kids put on, not one that is actually haunted) called Field of Corpses. I visited once for him and do not feel inclined to return. Ever. Anyway, he gets into the dressing up and he's an actor so he can do the creepy scary stuff.

My Halloween style is more cute and classy, I would say. Many of my decorations are black and silver with accents of orange. I have a lot of stuff that glitters. And I love jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins. I include general autumn decor- fall colors, pumpkin patches. That is my type of Halloween. And, as many of you know, I also love to dress up. And never as anything scary.

Here are some of my decorations that I made myself (the ornaments I assembled). If you keep an eye on my blog, I will have lots of Halloween posts and I may include some crafts and other neat ideas.
Stay tuned for more Halloween!

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