Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Oregon

As some of you know, Isaac and I went to Oregon for about 10 days to visit family and friends. Overall, we very much enjoyed our stay. Here is a list of my favorite and least favorite things about Oregon:

  • The way they handled road construction. Many long stretches of one lane only traffic (instead of splitting it into a couple of one lane only areas) including a "need" for escort vehicles.
  • Not being able to pump your own gas (but we went to several restaurants where we were expected to bus our own tables?)
  • The number of spiders! To my fortune, they were not bigger than the spiders here, just much more abundant.
  • Aside from the bookstore, food, and coffee, Portland. Yes, I didn't much care for Portland. I am sorry to those that will be disappointed by this. Here it is broken down:
    • Confusing roads and many one way streets for NO ease of access anywhere.
    • Way too many homeless people approaching us. And some of them were very persistent.
    • Generally overwhelming.
  • The fairy-tale scenery.
    • Including the flowers. Hydrangeas grew like mad! 
  •  Eugene. Loved it there! I could live in Eugene.
  • The beaches. This is the view from our room in Newport. 
  • The lighthouses! Here are some pictures from our visit to the Newport lighthouse, which excited me greatly.
    • Signs like this:
    • The food. Amazing food everywhere we went, especially in Eugene. Granary, Morning Glory, Cafe Yumm, etc.
    • The coffee--even the plain old brewed coffee was great. I drank more of that than anything else.
    • Powell's Books in Portland! Enormous, wonderful bookstore!
    • Voodoo Doughnuts. Certainly an experience! The double-bubble gum doughnut actually tasted like bubble gum! Weirdly delicious. And I had one with chocolate icing, oreo bits, and peanut butter drizzle. And there must have been PB in the dough, as well. Awesome.


    1. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Portland much! It might have been more fun for you if you had someone to show you around more so you wouldn't have had to navigate yourself. I am so glad that you made a Portland stop, though, because I love love loved seeing you!!

    2. I forgot a very important pro! Seeing friends and family! That part was amazing. And I loved seeing you, too! It was very exciting after, what? Almost two years or something ridiculous? I could probably give Portland another try someday. The heat while we were there didn't help, either.