Friday, June 1, 2012

Gardening Endeavors Part Three

New update! All of a sudden these popped up:

I know they are hard to see, but they are sprouts for my mini carrots! I was excited! And here are my pea and bean plants, respectively. We seem to be having a great deal of success. We use a spray bottle and spray them everyday. I usually do so when I get home in the early afternoon. I've heard it's best to water in the morning or evening, but this seems to be working. And you know what they say, "if it's not broken, don't fix it."

Some of Isaac's herbs are coming in. All the tiny green dots in the first picture are little basil plants and the many, many green sprouts in the second are oregano.

Barnabas was getting very sickly for a while (nice and pale, like his namesake). With my mom's help, he is starting to look healthy again. I think he needs to be an indoor plant. He was a clipping from a much larger, much older aloe that is at my dad's house and we have always kept them inside. I think his sickly look while he was outside was to tell us that he needs to stay indoors. I don't know a whole lot about aloes, but maybe they are not well suited to Colorado weather? Here is a nice, much healthier picture of him, anyhow.

If anyone has gardening tips, please feel free to share!


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