Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This week at Hearts and Horses, I mucked more than enough stalls to earn a ride! One ride per 50 stalls/runs cleaned and I usually clean 15 each week. I am not sure how the rides work, but I will find out next week (I didn't ask today because I am still more comfortable with the horses than with the people). I hope I can choose which horse I would like to ride. If so, I think I will have to pick Sole here:

Sole is an eleven-year-old Haflinger. He is very social and very, very mouthy! (That is, he likes to put things into his mouth. He doesn't bite, just lips and licks, whether it's clothes, hands, tools, rails, etc.). He is very cute. Exceedingly stocky, he looks like a miniature Belgian draft, which I love. While cleaning his stall, he mostly stood right in my way or tried to tip over my wheelbarrow. When I went out to clean his run, he followed me in and out as a ferried manure from the run to the stall. The bottom picture is of Sole about to follow me back into his stall for the up-teenth time.

In other news, the weather was beautiful! The horses enjoyed it, too.

  Above: Mista and Tem laying out in their runs. Bottom: Gavin in his run looking at me in the stall.

And because I thought it was entertaining, here is Tem playing with an empty bag that blew into his stall:

That's all for now! I hope those who read my blog can deal with my love of horses!

"She's--what's the K'miri term?--horse-hearted." -Numair Salmalin, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce.

"'D'you ever want to run with the herd? To just--be a horse? Do what the herd does?' She sweated, waiting for an answer. It had cost a lot to ask.
"''Course I do,' was the mild reply. 'Don't everybody?'" -Daine and Stefan, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce.

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