Saturday, March 2, 2013

Silly Videos to Watch While Bored

A couple nights ago, I found out that some of the silly online videos that I grew up watching have never been seen by some of my friends.

It is high time to correct this! And share some funny videos with everyone!

(I think this counts as a Nerdy Ravings post.)

First of all: Legendary Frog. Legendary Frog has been around for many, many years and is still making videos. Here is the main website: The Legendary Lilypad.

I have a few nerdy favorites from Legendary Frog:
1. Kerrigan's Big Invention. This is a silly video involving the original characters made by Legendary Frog.
2. One Ring to Rule Them All 2. Number two is the funniest. And it references this video by Leonard Nimoy: The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. The third video in this series has some good moments, too.
     Tangent: This is funny! xkcd: Single Ladies
3. Final Fantasy Tribute. Hysterical FF sing along.
4. The Matrix Has You. I highly recommend the first one: There is No Spoon. The very last video in the series is OK, too.

Most of my friends, at least, know Potter Puppet Pals. The first two were Bothering Snape and Trouble at Hogwarts.
1. In Trouble At Hogwarts, if you freeze frame it when Voldemort is killing Snape, a star appears. If you click it, it will take you to a little video of Ron singing. It's funny if you haven't seen it and if you are familiar with Harry Potter, of course.
2. On a related note, even tho it's not puppets, it is very funny: Snape: I'm Too Sexy.
There are two PPP that have mysteriously disappeared. Both were Flash videos, not the live ones. One was a silly little video of Hermione listening to Brittney Spears. And there was one of Snape singing a song. I cannot find either video anywhere, sadly. Here is the Snape song. It is the original song, but not the original video (the high-pitched voice at the end is supposed to be Ron): Potter Puppet Pals Adventure. The song is good enough to post this random and odd video made by a fan.

Here is an old one: Ill Will Press, featuring Foamy the Squirrel: Ill Will Press:: Home of Neurotically Yours.

Admittedly, most of these are not quite my taste in humor, but there were a couple I liked. After talking with my friend, Krissy, who remembers them well (she says the new ones are no good), I decided to post a couple of the ones I used to watch and like. And some of them, while funny, I will not be posting here for obvious reason if you watch them.
1. Foamy Thoughts.
2. Club Advice.
3. A Musical View.
4. 5 More Minutes. This may be my favorite. "Now is time for you to rise and bring forth your squirrel to the bagel shop!"
5. Spell-A-Casters. "You're just some weird little goth person who watched 'The Craft' one too many times!"
6. Free Your Mind. Obligatory Matrix episode.
7. Small, Medium, Large. I posted this because I work at Starbucks, but still find this funny. Fun fact: Starbucks started with two sizes: short (8oz) and tall (12oz) and later added the grande (16oz) and the venti (20oz and "venti" means "20" in Italian or something).
8. Dating Advice. Yep."You do not need a significant other to live life."
That's all I will post for those. Apparently the artist has kept going with these since about 2002/2003. These are all from the first couple of "seasons" and that's about all I have seen.

"Sincerely, Your Lord and Master, Foamy!"

Let's see, what else was "viral" before YouTube came around? (Gasp, there was a time before YouTube???)

1. Llama Song.
2. Badgers. I still do that little bouncing dance when I see things that have badgers on them... Like in the liquor store with Isaac once and he thought I was totally mental... Plus variations:
     a) Badgers: Lord of the Rings Style.
     b) Potter Potter Potter Weasley Song.
     There are others, but I'm not going to post them all.
3.Numa Numa. This was my introduction to this song (which is actually a sweet song- "Dragostea Din Tei" by O-zone translates to "From the Linden Tree," I believe). This guy is awesome! I admire his rocking out in front of the camera. It got lots of views and I think the guy was embarrassed because his roommate put it up. I still think it's fun.

Anyone have good ones to add?

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  1. My sister reminded me of by Amy Winfrey. Very silly and funny!